Waste Management

Company Bio

Waste Management is the largest environmental solutions provider in North America. WM is committed to developing new waste solutions that can help communities and organizations achieve their green goals, including zero waste.


Create a logo identity for a pre-existing company and make it better. This logo also includes a package of stationary items and a standards manual for logo usage.

• Final color Greyscale Black & White •

• 6 out of 150 thumbnail concept choices •

• Self-made test mockups •

• Standards Manual Covers •

• Corporate Colors section, displaying the proper color variations for designing on all types of media. •


The main challenges I had during this corporate college project was learning to understand on how to create 50 to 150 logo drafts. The goal was to learn how to 'piggyback' which is a term used from taking elements from one objects to create something new, which in this case made the job a lot easier. Re-designing a new brands was definitely something new on my plate so understanding different color modes used for various forms of media was a challenge too in converting the proper color tones to make the logo still represent the same look without too much alterations. I also learned about why margins and kept things uniform is very important in having an effective design that was clean and appealing. I think one of the main things I would like to improve on this project is the typography. Coming from a traditional background in art, I never got to really fully understand why typography was so important, so I hope to one day return to this project and further improve on the typography layout and spacing.