Company Bio

Llennef was driven from the personal memory of [CEO] Hashim Wilson's grandmother, April Fennell who passed away on September 4, 1994 from H.I.V. Hashim never got to meet his grandmother. Hashim was inspired by his mother; Shahida Fennell, of her success as a accomplished poet and author, he wanted to do the same and have success in his life, so he started creating his own fashion since he was very young. It was then that Llennef was born. Llennef stands for his grandmothers last name spelled backwards to resemble Fennell.

The anchor logo represents stability. Anchors hold boats in place it keeps them from not moving as quickly. Without the anchor the boat will move further into the sea. Symbolizing staying true to your [vision/path] true to who you are and what you believe in. The color red represents Aids Awareness. Hashim chose this color because his grandmother. The gold stands for royalty, representing the kings and queens before our time.


(Please note that the contact information in these graphics are now invalid / expired)

Me and Hashim met when we were in college. Funny thing was I was finalizing a portfolio draft for one of my classes when one of my teachers happened to introduce me to him. We began developing his branding called Llennef. He commissioned me to create his logo representing his grandmother Fennel. I figured the best representation of this was to create a script type of ambigram, even though most times an ambigram reads one word forwards or backwards, he wanted to have llennef and Fennel rotates various ways. So in addition to that idea, I decided to keep the F capitalized so when you looked in a mirror you can easily identify the last name 'Fennell' more easily.

Later on through a few apparel projects together he wanted to begin development on an iconic symbol for this clothing. Thus the red anchor was born. Three color version were created: color, textured, flat colors (no detail), black and white and lastly, grey scale. Below are two samples with CMYK Detail and the right RGB Textured.

As a year or so went by and a lot of re-branding was made on the 'look' he was going for in his line, we decided on a quick notice to create business cards that had elements of the recent designs I created for him. This is a duplexed business card he hands out to events.

Apparel Sample Designs

Social Media Event Branding

Here we have some event promo notices designed to work on Hashims social media accounts. Starting of course from the top we have a facebook cover photo, also created an icon to go with it, two instagram event versions (encase he wanted to use the first one to pare up with a photo of him or a product), Next we have a flier (front and back versions) this was printed to go around the location where the event was taken place. Of course this being designed in 2012 social media layouts and standard have changed a lot.

Tumblr Look Book Samples

This one was a bit of a challenge to do, due to the fact I was unfamiliar with tumblr and how well they accept coding. After about a month of free time learning about it, I am surprised how open it was to code. At the time Hashim only has his tumblr to show a majority of his product, so I created a look book divided in sections, of course it has navigation and links but did not think to get a screenshot at the time, of what you see below is just the hosted images being upload and collage together.

Facebook Look Book Samples

Same thing with the tumblr look book only this time this was for facebook. Here are a few sample pages I managed to gather up from my backup files.