Company Bio

KIDU based in Canada, creates products that assist parents to teach their children “Skills for life”. KIDU products are the result of expert research and development combined with field-testing, including user experiences with our own families. KIDU makes simple and versatile tools and systems for parents to help their child learn a wide range of skills: from toilet training, eating and sleeping, and healthy habits like teeth brushing, to behavioral skills such as sharing, temper management, and positive social behavior.

Gratitude Bucket

When a member of your family experiences something for which they are grateful, they write their message on one of the Gratitude Notes and places it in the bucket. As the bucket fills, your family can choose a time to go through the sheets and reflect on the gratitude that each member has expressed.

Below is the artwork insert that goes inside the clear cover casing on the bucket.

Left - Example Gratitude Notes | Right - Client Product Prototype

Super Kid

• Created to help your child improve in areas they struggle in and to build confidence in their achievements. Thus are then rewarded for their efforts. •

Chore & Routine Magnets

Used to help your child get organized in several categories: Routine, AM, PM, Toilet, Chores and Rewards. Use any magnetic surface to organize which duties the child needs to do for that day, have them place them in the 'done' section. Once all chores and routines are complete, your child can be rewarded as such.

Example illustration magnets from a few of the categories


Social Card Handout - Used during events, daycare centers or placed within product packaging

Product Instruction Cards - Designed specifically to each product and is included in the product packaging


One of the few many challenges I had during the development processes of working with a new client was the printing stages and learning how to re-arrange objects using the same material but making something new that works with the branding standards. Printing can be a big challenge, especially when it needs to be a specific size but also going with that your client wishes. Not everything can work out as you or your client wishes, this constant adjustments need to be made. In the end, everything works out!