Highschool Graduate

Company Bio

Since 1976, Spindle Publishing Company has specialized in producing local, national and international resource publications for audiences in a variety of markets. Example publications include: Expectant Mother's Guide, International Student Guide to the U.S.A., Guía Estudiantil Internacional de los Estados Unidos de América, Indian Student Guide to American Higher Education, American Community Colleges, American Graduate Education, Highschool Graduate Series and First Baby Mall.

New Cover Designs

Keeping things current and having a fun type of look is a good essential for a younger audience. Me and a fellow colleague collaborated on creating new cover designs for our high school graduate series. Since we had over 12 designs that needed to be created for carious areas of the USA, we needed to keep things similar in design layout but having content that represents the area of interest, yet having nice photography shots of people to keep it warm and inviting. So I decided on the design part to have the option to change out backgrounds, insert Polaroids in a few optional angles as clipping masks; to insert photos without manually cropping, and adding extra elements that blend in with the background. A super simple yet nice and clean layout approach.

New Cover Designs

Here I have a few full page ads that are inserted to the appropriate high school graduate books. All ads are created from scratch but have re-designed quite a number of ads to tailor to our publication measurements. Even re-vectorizing content from very rastered jpegs or scanned documents to make them look like new again!

Here we have an example 1/2 page ad.

Since we had various facebook pages at the time, we wanted to go through a new re-branding look when the new facebook layout was launched back in 2011/2012. Were we took some elements from the student guide to create a cover photo banner.