Expectant Mother's Guide

Company Bio

Since 1976, Spindle Publishing Company has specialized in producing local, national and international resource publications for audiences in a variety of markets. Example publications include: Expectant Mother's Guide, International Student Guide to the U.S.A., Guía Estudiantil Internacional de los Estados Unidos de América, Indian Student Guide to American Higher Education, American Community Colleges, American Graduate Education, Highschool Graduate Series and First Baby Mall.

Photo Edit Covers

At times when we are finally in the season to create our next publication for the proper area, ex: atlanta, we contact local photographers who would like to provide photos of expentact couples / mothers to be apart of our cover design. I would then edit the photographs so they are properly color corrected when the image is printed in CMYK. On occasions, theses photos are edited and touched up where is needed.


Below are sample advertisements that are placed within the Expectant Mother's Guides based on the business location of the advertisement. I have worked on a few methods of creating these such as 1) Business provides the body copy and create the AD from scratch, 2) Business had an existing Ad but is not formatted to the right size for the entry, I would then photomanipulate the Ad to fit to our standards, 3) Last method is the business provides a previous Ad but is in a rough state to be properly displayed in the publication, I would then go in and re-create the ad from scratch to mimic the look of the Ad to its original form.

Publication Articles

Below are previous photos of publication articles I have formatted under the companys standards by using various style sheets and customizations. When we have an article submission to be featured within one of our publication regions, a document is given to us by our proofreader and it was my job to go into the proper article placement within the book and fomrat it to our style sheet rules. If any adjustments or complications arised while designing the article such as an article being too long for their 1 page placement, I would send a proof draft to our proofreader to send to the client for revision. I would then send another final draft for approval of the updated changes. The more challenging part when having the full article fit into various page sizes is alwasy the leading or kearning of letters, this is what I found difficult during my internship, though have gotten a better grasp of editing publications during my stay there.

Social Media

During our re-branding phase, I was offered the opportunity to also update their social media looks but updating coverphotos, image templates and profile photos.