Budd Baer Auto

Company Bio

At Budd Baer Auto, they not only offer a superb selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, but they also offer top-notch customer service.

Website Slides

At the beginning of each month we receive manufacturer specials and incentives for our customers. This information is then published at the dealership as well as on multiple websites. My responsibility with this information is to create visual slides and Ads between all four of our sites. I try to achieve a new interesting look each month, whether it is relating to holidays, special events, or seasons to keep it fun! Many dealerships do not show very creative vehicle slides to advertise their models to engage customers, that's where I come in to make it more personalized!

Vehicle Special ADs

Optional theme versions for special occasions

Corporate version with branding colors. One version is for entries with no vehicle photos added to our system and the other of our actual inventory.


Business Card Re-Design

Building Expansion Concept

Super quick paste concept