“I may be small but I pack a big punch!”

Hey there! I’m Samantha, a 26 y/o shorty born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. Stationed in Cleveland, OH. I attended Pittsburgh Technical Institute in 2009 where I graduated with an associates in Graphic Design in 2012. I currently passion in illustration, advertising, photography, web / graphic design and a lot of other things too! I currently work with various Freelance clients one of them with a dealership creating advertisements, web updates, web / email newsletters, branding and marketing collateral. I am currently on a goal to finding a full time position within my field of Graphic Design.


I have been doing illustration work ever since I can remember. I specialize in digital and traditional works that includes original designs, commissions for clients and fan art of popular characters.


I am also a manga / graphic novel collector. I get inspired by the 100s of manga artists I come across when reading through them and a majority help me in developing my current illustration style!


Call me an 'otaku' if you will, I am also an addict to anime / cartoon figurines and like building up my collection of PVC / resin figures. Occasionally I will do unboxing videos / reviews on my youtube page.

Garage Kits

During my free time, I paint garage kits which are high quality casted figures that are disassembled. I buy the resin kit, inspect the parts, fix imperfections and continue onto the painting processes.

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